INSTRUCTIONS TO AUTHORS [ Instructions to Author in Gujarati ]

1. ‘V-Vidyanagar’ is published every month by the educational trust Charutar Vidyamandal. This magazine publish matter related to education, literature, values and traditions in the form of articles/digest in order to inculcate morale values and ethos among the students and teachers essential to uplift the humankind in the simple and translated language form which can be easily assimilated.
2. Authors should submit original article (Press Copy) on the fullscape paper with proper margin to the magazine. Articles on post cards or inland paper will not be considered for the publication. Rights for the publication of article are reserved with editorial board.
3. Article should be short and precise and should not contain more than 2000 words. If English words are used than in the bracket meaning in Gujarati should be mentioned. Author will be solely responsible for the views, opinions, analysis, data, thoughts, interpretations mentioned in the article. Editor or a member of editorial board will not be responsible for any ambiguity related to the article.
4. Author should not submit the same article to any other magazine/journal/news paper and declaration for the same must be submitted along with the article. If there is a duplication in publication than author will be solely responsible. If article is not published within two months than by default it is to be understood that it is not selected for the publication. Rejected articles will not be sent back to the authors. Authors must mention his/her full name as per their bank account details, correspondence address with pin code and contact details like their phone/mobile number and E-mail.
5. ‘V-Vidyanagar’ is posted on 5th of every month with utmost care. Complains regarding the nonreceipt of particular issue will be taken in to the consideration within a time span of one month. Resending of the issue is subject to its availability.
6. Subscription of the magazine can be sent by Moneyorder/Cheque/Draft in the favor of CHARUTAR VIDYAMANDAL. Details of the subscriber (Name, address, pincode) should be clearly mentioned.
7. In case of the sad demise of lifetime subscriber, their relatives are requested to intimate about the same to the editorial office.